Andrew Lee Architecture Andrew Lee Architecture
     "For years I had known in my head what I wanted when it came time to remodel and add to our home. Then came the task of finding someone to take on this delicate assignment…that's where Andy came in. He took what I had envisioned for years and made it a reality, even more so than I could have imagined."

     "Unlike many designers who consider their work complete once plans have been completed, Andy thoughtfully and thoroughly sees each and every of his projects through to completion. Most notable is his ability to creatively come up with solutions to the various problems that always arise in the course of a construction project, satisfying his clients' aesthetic as well as budget and scheduling requirements. I recommend Andy to any client who is looking for top-quality architectural and design services."
     –Tyson Schroeder, Conscious Construction

     "Andy was accessible and promptly responded with patience and good humor to our constant questions and requests…even when he didn't quite agree with our choices, he gently made his points but respected and understood that we made the final decisions…he was on our side, our advocate, working with us to get what we wanted. My advice to those facing the task of designing or remodeling—do yourself a favor, work with Andy. We can't recommend him highly enough."