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Oakland Hills 2

     This Oakland Hills home typifies the California ranch style: a low-pitched roof, open floor plan, and large windows that offer views south and west to the San Francisco Bay. The owner, an art and design enthusiast, came to ALA with several requests.

     The first priority was practical: to repair the decaying wood posts, beams, and rafters of the glass wall at the back of the house. All these pieces, as well as the single-pane windows, were removed, and a new framework, carefully detailed and waterproofed to stand up to Bay Area wind and moisture, was built in its place. High-quality aluminum windows and doors were specified for this part of the work.

     Part 2 of the project addressed a cramped and outdated galley kitchen. The new, U-shaped layout borrowed space from the dining room -- enough to create a more comfortable work area, but not enough to impact dining room seating. New cabinets, tilework, lighting, and flooring were selected to reinforce the modern feel of the house.