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Piedmont Remodel

     The new owners of this home had two "musts" on their list before even moving in. The first was to excavate below the house to create a full basement, with an eye to creating a casual family room and guestroom downstairs in the future. The second was to renovate the main level to update an awkward kitchen, relocate the existing stair, and reconfigure spaces that would work better for them and their two young children.

     When they contacted ALA, the excavation work had already started, and we jumped into overdrive, making sure that that work meshed with the work upstairs. A key decision on that level was to borrow two feet from the kitchen to open up the main hallway of the house, letting the house "breathe" and providing a space for kids to take off shoes and put down backpacks. The kitchen was completely re-done, with new appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and tile, and a new side yard door and steps were added. The master bedroom was re-configured with new closets and a vaulted ceiling, new built-ins were added in the kids’ bedrooms, a new marble hearth was added at the fireplace, and new light fixtures and wiring were added throughout the house.